Open Play Schedule

  • Where: Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs
  • When:  Open Play, Monday through Sunday, 8am to 12noon


How Does Open Play Work?

Here are some guidelines to remind us to be courteous so that every player has a good experience:

  • If courts are NOT FULL, play as much as you like.
  • When your game ends, look around to see if there are any players near your court waiting to get into a game.  If there are, invite them in to play while one of the players that just played takes a break. Be mindful that some groups create their own playing matches for a reason and may not be open to inviting you to play.  Don't take it personally.
  • If courts are NOT FULL and you arrive at MVP and want to get into a game - either find a foursome of your own or ask if you can get in on the next game of a game already in progress. Have some awareness of the skill level of the court in play. Brand new players will not enjoy playing with highly skilled players.  It is much more fun to play in a group similar to your level.
  • If courts have FILLED UP while you were playing and the Paddle Stack area is in use, wave your arm to signify the court is open and leave the court so other players may use the court.  Don't forget to place your paddle over in the Paddle Stack area for your next game. When the courts are full, games should be played 1-11, win by one.
  • If courts ARE FULL when you arrive at MVP and the Paddle Stack area is in use, get your paddle into the paddle line-up system so you can get on a court and PLAY! 
  • GOOD RULE of THUMB:  look around and be aware of court usage and other players wanting to play.  If we ALL do that and are courteous, MVP will be known as having the best players! 

    The Paddle Stack area is on the WEST side of the courts near the entrance gate in front of the shaded tree area.

    Here's how the PADDLE LINE-UP SYSTEM works:
  • When people are waiting for an open court, players need to use the paddle line-up system to designate the next 4 players.
  • Place your paddle with other paddles in groups of four. 
  • Please allow 4 players to put their paddles together if they would like to continue playing together so people with similar skill levels can play together if they choose.
  • Once a court is open, the next group of 4 paddles need to make their way to the open court for their game.
  • If you are the team "on deck" BE ATTENTIVE  and watch for the signal that an open court is available, this makes the transitions faster.

    For other places to play Pickleball in our area, both indoor and outdoor courts, visit our Where To Play page.

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